16 Engraving

The great tradition of Florentine engraving is revived in this course for those who want to learn this very refined technique. The engraving course is open to everybody and is held only once a year. Maximum of 5 students admitted/course. Some tools are provided by the school, others need to be provided by the students (estimated cost about € 150) and will remain in their possession at the end of the course. Course is available twice a year

Period: 1) Mid-October to mid-February and 2) First half of March-First half of June
Frequency: biweekly
Days/Time: Wednesday and Thursday 18.30-20.30. Days and hours may vary, please contact the school for further information
Duration: 80 hours Cost: € 1.600 (or two installments of € 800)
Reservation: a deposit of € 200 is required to reserve a space, not refundable in case of cancellation
Attention: only available at the school in via Tadino


Explanation of tools used and how to prepare them; basic engraving of straight and curved lines. "Tremble" technique, scratching and milling technique, modeling and patterned style. Engraving of a rounded ring using all the techniques taught during the course, so-called "Buccellati" style.