8 Jewelry Repair

A necessary course for professionals in the field, but also for students recently introduced to the occupation who are seeking a professional outlet. In fact, jewelry repair is one of the most demanded skills of the market. Only 4 students admitted/course.
This course explores the techniques most frequently used when repairing or adjusting a piece of jewelry. This is the reason why part of the course is dedicated to repairing jewelry pieces from actual clients.

this course is only available to students who have completed the hobby goldsmithing course or have equivalent experience.
Expect about 50 € of expenses for personal tools and materials.

Period: October to February. Frequency: biweekly
Days: Wednesday and Friday Hours: 19.00 to 21.30
Duration: 75 hours Cost: € 1.460 (or 2 installments of € 730)
Reservation: a deposit of € 200 is required to reserve a space, not refundable in case of cancellation
Attention: only available at the School in Via Savona


Theory introduction, fire resistant stones, analysis of old soldering joints, price quotes, fabrication of band ring with bezel, adjusting a flared shank ring, with a bezel and a set stone. How to repair a fine chain and alter a 40 cm chain into two bracelets with chain ends and clasps. Alter a pair of earrings with posts into clips. How to alter an earring into a ring shank, how to loosen pearls, remove stones and repair hollow tubing.

Jewelry Repair