Our suggested course combinations

Our suggestions are intended to provide students with some guidance for the ideal course combinations for 2016/2017 based on the skills currently demanded by the marketplace.
The choice of a course combination package entitles the student to a discount of 10% of the total cost of the package to be applied to the last course in the program.


Hobby Goldsmith, Wax Carving, Jewelry design, Rhinoceros, History of Jewelry
Total Cost: € 7.080 - 10% discount = € 6.372

Goldsmithing/Fine jewelry

Wax carving, Professional Goldsmith course, Fine Jewelry, Engraving, Laser Welding, Seminar: Polishing of Jewelry
Total Cost: € 9.120 - 10% discount = € 8.208

Goldsmithing/Jewelry repair and jewelry restoration

Professional Goldsmith course, Jewelry Repair, Gemology, Stone Setting and Laser Welding
Total Cost: € 6.070 - 10% discount = € 5.463

Each course attended in addition to those of the course combination package chosen
will be discounted by 10%.