Enameling is a very ancient way to add color to metal. We are among the very few still teaching the secrets of this art. Siliceous powders and metal oxides melt in ovens at 700°C creating coats of glass with extraordinary and permanent colors. Great patience and maniacal attention to detail are the characteristics required of our students. A maximum of two students per teacher admitted in this short, exciting course. All materials and tools used are provided by the School and included in the course fee


Students can choose their start date, days of the week and time slot (morning, afternoon or evening) to attend the course, according to the school’s schedule. Students will then need to reach an agreement with the teacher and set a start date. On the agreed date the student will present themselves at the school and the teacher will be available to assist them.


Dry and wet enamel techniques, cloisonne, pique à jour, on cast or chased objects; application of paillons, murrine, etc. Use of templates for decoration.


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