History of Jewelry

If I had the time, I would attend every lecture of this seminar! It is impossible to understand this seminar’s beauty and importance without attending it. It is a journey through history stretching a century and a half, from mid-nineteenth century to the modern days, one hundred and fifty years that have formed the modern canon of jewelry and the goldsmith’s work. Knowing the history of jewelry is to understand today’s fashion and be able to interpret its dynamics and predict future trends. This course is further enhanced by our instructor’s amazing selection of carefully chosen images.


Analysis of forms and styles with ties to economic, political and social context in the period from the mid 1800s to mid 1900s.The evolution of fabrication techniques and equipment used, the advent of designers, the evolution of handicraft and the industry through the study of leading interpreters of their time to the technological revolution of our time. The role played by the Universal Exhibitions in dictating trends. The famous brands of the past and in modern days interpreted according to a study of the evolution of taste in the past century.


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