Jewelry Design

A jewelry designer is a professional who is able to collect and interpret input, stimuli and demands of the market in which he/she operates, the market of design of precious objects, and turn them into real objects, pieces of jewelry.
If you would like to design jewelry, first you need to learn to put your ideas on paper, this is covered in the first part of the course; your clients will not have to rely only on your description of the object for their purchase, you can also show them an adequate drawing of the designed piece, complete with all the details, so much better!
The first part of this course is an introduction to jewelry rendering, aimed at students who have never drawn jewelry before. It is magical to discover the importance of color in the rendering of volumes, the incredible architectural beauty of a three-dimensional drawing in which every detail, stone and setting are perfectly drawn thanks to the techniques acquired during this course.
The second part of the course is about the design process: we will learn how to give substance to an IDEA; the creative person, the designer’s mind is in constant activity it brainstorms, evaluates and discards different creative stimuli. He/she looks, processes, stores, discards, selects, and reinterprets creative input to finally arrive to new and fresh IDEA. Before the product there is an idea and before the idea there is a creative flow that needs processing. The objective of this second part of the course is: to start with an observation of what surround us, then methodically process the input, develop a project and finally create an object.
Max 9 students admitted/course


Forecast an expense of around € 100 of material


Introduction to the history of jewelry design, technical gradation of grays and colors. Construction of forms: cube, sphere, pyramid, cylinder and their prospects. Construction of compound solids, rendering of simple and rounded rings, chain, rendering of stones, pearls, pearl necklaces, diamonds, and colored stones. Design of: a ring, necklace, earrings. Design and presentation of a jewelry line. This will be done extracting, reinterpreting and using ideas/elements from what surrounds us.


A deposit of € 200 is required to reserve a space, not refundable in case of cancellation


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