Wax modeling for jewelry

A technique that is particularly well suited for creating figurative objects or organic forms, a way of working that is similar to sculpture making. Instead of making a piece in metal, an object is carved from a block of wax using different tools and techniques to shape an object. When the work is finished you have a model of a ring, a pendant, a bracelet or something else, this model can subsequently be cast, using the lost wax casting technique to produce an exact copy of the model made of precious or base metal. The speed of execution, the low cost of materials and tools used have made this technique very popular. Only 5 students admitted/course. All materials and tools used are provided by the School and included in the course fee.


Modeling and carving of different types of wax (hard, medium, soft; tube, slab, block, thread), preparation of wax models, use of all the most important techniques (sawing wax, files, emery-papers, burs, wax warmer, wax guns, wax pens, soldering and finishing of the wax object), filing and polishing of the cast object.


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