Fine Jewelry

In our constant pursuit of excellence and the goal of offering the very best training available in the field of the goldsmith’s art we have added a course in fine jewelry making, the crown jewel among our courses and the most advanced in our already very extensive program of goldsmith courses at SOA. The fortune of working in a city like Milan, which boasts one of the greatest concentrations of goldsmith excellence in the world, has allowed us to build this exclusive course, reserved for only four students/ course, eager to obtain the very highest level in the preparation of working precious metals and the techniques related to it.


This course is available only for those who have completed the professional goldsmith course or have an equivalent experience in the field. The precious metals used in this course are not included in the price. This course also includes a limited time of studio use to practice techniques taught.


Florentine or honeycomb piercing, advanced stone settings, production of components with snap closure, closures for brooches, bails for pendants, joining Florentine pierced components by half links, soldering in plaster or with ties, integration of bezel and claw settings, the creation of signet rings as well as other techniques and methods used in fine jewelry, laser welding demonstration, rings and bracelets. Finishing and polishing of the fabricated pieces.


A deposit of € 200 is required to reserve a space, not refundable in case of cancellation


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