Micro Sculpturing in Wax for Goldsmiths

The continuous dialogue with companies in the sector often leads SOA to introduce new courses. One of our most recent additions is The Micro Sculpturing in Wax course. Trending now especially in the fashion world, inevitably followed by goldsmiths and jewelry makers, are organic-figurative style accessories / jewelry. Objects with these characteristics are much in demand by the market, while in fact its history dates back to the time of the origin of the ornament. Since it is in our and our students’ interest to respond to the needs of the market, we have added this course which; through the use of a special technique, a few specific tools and materials, makes it possible to obtain figurative objects in high definition with stunning results.


Modeling and carving of different types of wax (hard, medium, soft; tube, slab, block, thread), preparation of wax models with particular attention to the figurative and organic forms, use of all the most important techniques (sawing wax, files, emery-papers, burs, wax warmer, wax guns, wax pens, soldering and finishing of the wax object), filing and polishing of the cast object.


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