Professional Goldsmith Course

This is the most popular of our precious metalworking courses, both among students who want to pursue goldsmithing as a profession and by those who are simply passionate about making jewelry. Students make a range of objects, from simple to more complex, the course is designed to teach all of the most important goldsmith workshop techniques. The metal we use in our courses is sterling silver, (Ag 925), its special features makes it the ideal metal for learning. We offer a low teacher/student ratio; only 3 to 4 students per teacher. All the objects made during the course belong to the students and are theirs to take home at the end of the course. Silver is provided by the School and included in the cost of the course.

Supply fee: Euro 20

Stones set in objects made during the course are not included.


Precious metals and their alloys. Preparation of precious metal alloys, melting, rolling and wiredrawing; realization of jewelry and jewelry objects at the bench, relevant techniques (sawing, soldering with gas + air and usage of the micro flame, use of flex shaft, milling, chasing, doming, tube making, clasp making, settings etc., ring and bracelet sizing) finishing and polishing of objects made.


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