Our Suggestions

Our suggestions are intended to provide students with some guidance for the ideal course combinations for 2018/2019 and are based on the requests received from our collaborators in the industry. By choosing one of these programs the student is entitled to a discount of 10% of the total cost, to be applied to the last course in the program.


Hobby Goldsmith, Micro sculpturing in wax for jewelry-making, Jewelry design, Rhinoceros for jewelry design, History of Jewelry.
Total Cost: € 7.910 – 10% discount = € 7.119


Professional Goldsmith course, Fine Jewelry, Seminar: Polishing of Jewelry, Laser Welding, Micro sculpturing in wax for jewelry-making, Engraving..
Total Cost: € 10.120 – 10% discount = € 9.108


Professional Goldsmith course, Laser Welding, Jewelry Repair, Stone Setting, and Gemology
Total Cost: € 6.850 – 10% discount = € 6.165

Each course attended in addition to those in the chosen course combination package will be discounted by 10%

These course combinations packages are available in both in Via Tadino 30 and Via Tortora 26

Loyalty Award

Students who invest € 7000 or more in courses, have the right to a discount of 5 percent on the total amount spent.

This discount will be deducted from the last course in the program.