Our Suggestions

Our suggestions are intended to provide students with some guidance for the ideal course combinations for 2017/2018 based on the skills currently demanded by the industry.
The choice of a course combination package entitles the student to a discount of 10% of the total cost of the package to be applied to the last course in the program.


Hobby Goldsmith, Modeling in wax for jewelry, Jewelry design, Rhinoceros, History of Jewelry.
Total Cost: € 7.430 – 10% discount = € 6.687


Professional Goldsmith course, Fine Jewelry, Seminar: Polishing of Jewelry, Laser Welding, Modeling in wax for jewelry, Engraving.
Total Cost: € 9.640 – 10% discount = € 8.676


Professional Goldsmith course, Laser Welding Jewelry Repair Stone Setting, and Gemology
Total Cost: € 6.850 – 10% discount = € 6.165

Each course attended in addition to those of the course combination package chosen will be discounted by 10%

Loyalty Award

Those who attend courses for an amount equal to or more than € 7000, have the right to a discount of 5 percent on the total amount spent.
This discount will be deducted from the last course in the program.