Our Suggestions

This page contains the studies paths suggested by the School to better prepare for the profession. For years SOA has been the main reference for the most important companies operating in the jewelry/fashion sector for the insertion of new energies into the world of work. The School, in dialogue with the most important brands, is able to prepare the students in the best possible way, to allow them to face a well-prepared job in a company or as a freelance. We can divide job prospects into three types: employment in a company as a over-the-bench operator (goldsmith), employment as a designer and freelance. Below are the recommended studies program for the three types. Attending one of the studies paths entitles you to a 10% discount.

free profession well prepared

Goal: to work as a freelance designer or employee in a company.

Hobby Goldsmith, Wax Modeling for Goldsmithing, Jewelry Design, Gouache Painting technique, Rhinoceros for Jewelry design, History of Jewelry.
Total Cost: € 8.830 – 10% discount = € 7.947


Goal: working as a specialized goldsmith for a leading brand.

Professional Goldsmith Course, Fine Jewelry, Polishing of Jewelry, Laser Welding, Wax Modeling for Goldsmithing, Engraving, Microscope Stone Setting Course.

Total Cost: € 12.340 – 10% discount = € 11.183


Goal: working as a goldsmith for a medium-small company.

Professional Goldsmith Course, Polishing of Jewelry, Laser Welding, Microscope Stone Setting Course, Jewelry Repair
Total Cost: € 7.460 – 10% discount = € 6.714


Goal: open your own laboratory.

Professional Goldsmith Course, Laser Welding, Jewellery Repair, Stone Setting, Gemology, Wax Modeling for Goldsmithing, Micro Wax Sculpture for Goldsmithing, Necklace Threading Course.

Total Cost: € 10.170 – 10% discount = € 9.153

All amounts of the study paths will be paid in instalments.
Each course attended in addition to those in the chosen course combination package will be discounted by 10%

Loyalty Award

Students who invest an amount of € 7000 or more, will be entitled to a 5% discount on the total amount accrued.

This discount will be deducted from the last Course scheduled in the program.


These course combinations packages are available in both in Via Tadino 30 and Via Tortona 26.