Why study goldsmithing and specialize in this profession

There may be several reasons for starting out in the world of jewellery; it could be for passion, for purely amateur taste or to make it a profession. With regard to the latter statement of reasons, we would like to give you some useful hints. There are two signs coming from the market: the primary manufacturing companies operating in the industrial and craft sector, known all over the world for the quality and design of the product symbol of Made in Italy, will need about 250,000 specialised operators within 5 years (source: ALTAGAMMA).

Among these manufacturing companies we find the most important brands operating in the jewelry and fashion sector: Bulgari, Buccellati, Pomellato, Damiani, Gucci, Dolce&Gabbana, Versace, etc., which have their own production centers in Italy, mainly between Milan and Valenza. If we add to this the process of strong expansion into international markets of these companies, by virtue of industrial strategies that have proven to be effective and successful, we can deduce that perhaps never before has the jewelry market asked for skilled labour to strengthen its workforce.

We are at a paradox: the market is looking for young people specialised in goldsmithing but the training market is unable to support this impetuous demand. The Scuola Orafa Ambrosiana, partner of these companies and others (for example Cartier, which has its production centers in Milan, Valenza and Turin), is appreciated above all for its ability to offer the labour market young people specialised in the techniques currently required by companies today, with the advantage of “tailor-made” training for the different needs of brands.

Our recommended courses (see section “Our suggestions” at the bottom of the brochure) are the ideal training to be able to present yourself at a job interview with the right qualifications.