Hobby Goldsmith

A short goldsmithing course for those who want to put themselves to the test. The training course includes all the basic techniques of the Professional Goldsmithing Course and knowledge of all the main equipment. Students work silver to create non-complex objects, starting from pure metals, creating alloys and preparing semi-finished products to achieve the finished object. Also in this Course the objects created will remain the property of the students. 90% of the students who finish the Amateur Course ask us to continue.

Nothing could be easier: by paying the difference in price between the Professional and Amateur Goldsmithing Courses, you continue training until you complete the program.


precious metals, their characteristics and their alloys. Preparation of alloys, melting, rolling and wiredrawing; realization of jewelry and jewelry objects at the bench, relevant techniques (sawing, soldering with gas + air and usage of the micro-flame, use of flex shaft, milling, chasing, doming, tube making, clasp making, settings etc., ring and bracelet sizing). Final polishing and quality control with 10X loupe.


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