SOA Lab & Factory

In September 2018 we launched SOA Laboratory and Factory. This is an independent structure that offers rentals of bench-space, with access to tools and equipment at very favorable rates for current students and ex-students of SOA. SOA Lab and Factory is located in Via Savona 20 in Milan. A similar option with a somewhat different set-up will be offered in Via Tadino 30 and in Via Tortona in Milan. This integrated system offers students the very best prospect to prepare themselves; through access to a vast range of courses offered by SOA, and at the same time having the possibility to independently practice all the skills they have learnt, all in a familiar, safe and completely equipped workspace.

This system guarantees efficiency and effectiveness and gives the student, who needs a workspace, a better and more cost-effective option, compared to setting up and equip their own studio space.


All year


As needed

Days and hours

365 days 24/7


Rental period, minimum three months


Cost and set-up vary from location to location, please inquire at the specific location for exact cost.


At least one month ahead


SOA Lab and Factory Via Savona 20 Milano – SOA di Via Tadino 30 Milano – SOA di Via Tortora 26 Milano