What should I do to register?

To register from abroad e-mail the school at viatadino@scuolaorafaambrosiana.com at least 2 months prior to course-start to agree on a start date and frequency of attendance. You will also need to pay a non refundable deposit of 200 Euro (by bank transfer) to reserve a spot in the course. If you need a student visa contact the school to evaluate the possibility of obtaining one.

Do all prices include local taxes?


Is the degree awarded recognised by the region?

No. No recognised or specific qualification is needed to work in the jewellery business.

Where can I stay?

It's possible to contact the university about shared rented accommodation with other students. Many students, especially foreigners, are opting for this type of solution. Other options are hostels, pensions and religious organizations if they offer any accommodation.

How much does it cost for a complete set of goldsmith tools?

To get started about 800/1000 Euros.

How much does it cost for a complete set of wax carving tools?

Approximately 700 Euros.