Polishing of jewelry

This is a very specialized seminar intended for professionals, future professionals and advanced students.

The major international jewelry houses do not accept anything other than absolute excellence – top quality. This course addresses the need to have a thorough knowledge of tools, techniques and tricks of the trade, necessary to pass the scrupulous quality controls of these major companies/clients. A journey where the students will gain the understanding of methods and skills required to meet the absolute highest standards when it comes to polishing and how to finish a piece of jewelry to absolute perfection. Maximum 5 students admitted/course


An approach to the major jewelry houses high quality standards, future trends and tolerance criteria. Detailed presentation of, use, cleaning and organizing of the polishing station and finishing/polishing tools used: from sanding (abrasive papers) to final mirror polishing. Characteristics of rolled, drawn, filed metals and analyzing of alloy imperfections. The different types of buffs: characteristics and their use. Sanding; abrasive papers, mandrels, wheels and points, repair techniques; how to prepare the tools and their use, brushes, abrasives and polishing compounds that accompany them. The “ax” preparation and use. The teacher will demonstrate in detail each phase of the finishing cycle to the students, using different types of support - from the simple sheet to elaborate rings, every type of situation: from the simplest to the most complex, up to the final inspection with 10X lent.

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