Wax Modeling for Goldsmithing

A technique that lends itself particularly well to the creation of figurative objects or organic shapes, approaching sculpture, in terms of processing methods. The objects, instead of metal, are made from a block of synthetic wax and processed by removal removing of material with special techniques and tools.

At the end, we obtain a wax prototype of a ring, pendant, bracelet or other which  subsequently, with the lost-wax casting technique, is transformed into an exact copy in precious or non-precious metal. Speed of processing, cost-effectiveness of the materials and equipment used, have decreed its success.
We don’t follow more than 5 students at the same time.
All materials and equipment used are provided by the School, included in the price of the Course.


Modeling and carving of different types of wax (hard, medium, soft; tube, slab, block, thread), preparation of wax prototypes with particular attention to the figurative and organic forms. Use of all the most important techniques (sawing wax, files, emery-papers, burs, wax warmer, wax guns, wax pens, soldering), finishing of the wax prototype, finishing and polishing of the cast object.


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