Jewelry Design

The jewelry designer is a professional who is able to collect and interpret influences, stimuli, and demands of the market, in which the designer works, and transform it into real objects – in this case jewelry.

If you want to design jewelry, you have to be able to put your ideas on paper. If you can show your client a detailed rendering of your piece, the client will feel more convinced about purchasing your product.

Translate ideas into objects is a designer’s job. A designer has the ability to connect hidden stimuli, because their mind is trained that way. A designer looks, processes, stores, selects and reinterprets suggestions and distill a new product, through a special methodology which arises from a specific preparation.


Expect about € 100 of personal materials fee.


The course is divided into two parts: The first part is preparatory, concentrating on three-dimensional free hand drawing techniques and techniques to make the drawing as representative as possible of the real object.
Special attention is given to drawing of complex volumes and coloring techniques, which are very important in the rendering of jewelry; every stone, every setting and every detail should be perfectly drawn and correctly colored.

The second part focuses on the methodology of the design process, analysis of a piece of jewelry. This part is carried out through a series of design exercises of increasing complexity. We will start with influences far from the world of jewelry and learn to describe our personal journey of ideas through images, drawings and words

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Deposit of € 200 not refundable in case of cancellation


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