CAD Rhinoceros for Jewelry Design

Rhinoceros, the most widely used software in the world for 3D jewellery design, has been part of our SOA’s programming for 5 years now. Created for architectural and mechanical design, thanks to its flexibility, ease of use and extreme precision, this software has also found application in the field of goldsmith and jewelry design. The revolution? It lies in the ability to design, with a PC or a Mac, objects that can subsequently be printed by rapid prototyping machines (the so-called 3D printers) to obtain resin or wax models, ready for lost wax casting or for the construction of moulds. We decided to create a course that would be as complete as possible, allowing even occasional users of programs such as Windows Office, to learn the techniques of using a three-dimensional design program. As with all our other courses, the schedule starts with the simplest exercises, easy basic designs, and successively goes through more complex ones.

Only 5 places are available per session.


Description of the interface, instruction on features and techniques of the software. This course aims to provide students with the necessary skills to create sophisticated digital models. Exercises using different features and commands of the software to create digital 2D designs and successively more complex 3D designs. Designs will include different types of settings, simple rings, trilogy and solitaire settings, earrings of various kinds, channel and tension settings, followed by more complex bracelets with pave’ setting, gallery and hinges. Simulations of real contacts between company and designer will also be included.

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A deposit of € 200 is required to reserve a space, not refundable in case of cancellation


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