Micro sculpturing in wax for goldsmithing

The continuous dialogue with companies in the sector often leads SOA to introduce new disciplines. This is the case of the Micro Sculpturing in Wax course. Trending especially in the fashion world, inevitably followed by Goldsmithing and Jewelry, are organic-figurative style accessories / jewelry. Objects with these characteristics are much in demand by the market, while in fact its history dates back to the time of the origin of the ornament. Since it is our interest, and that of the students, to be close to the needs of the market, we have included this new course which, through the use of a special technique and a few specific equipment and materials, allows us to obtain objects with a figurative subject in high definition with astounding results.

At the end of the course program a certificate of attendance will be issued.


Modeling of a figurative themed object using semi-hard waxes; the modeling is performed with an electric spatula and steel spatulas. The operations take place mainly for "accrescimento" (addition of wax) and only in some phases by cold subtraction of the wax itself with specific instrumentation derived from dental technology. The objective of the course is figurative hyperrealism, or the rendering of the image close to the real image down to the smallest detail.

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deposit of 300 €, non-refundable in case of cancellation


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