Microscope Stone Setting Course

For the last two/three years we have been receiving, with increasing insistence from medium and large companies, the request to include in our schedule a Microscope Stone Setting Course. Therefore, we have included it starting this year. This is a course that provides that you no longer work with the naked eye but using a high magnification microscope. This allows a micro-setting precision that is unattainable under normal conditions and consequently an absolute accuracy. Moreover, we insert into the same program the stone setting using the latest machinery as Sphera GRS (Ball Vise Engraver engraving tool) and “GraverMax” (an air-powered hammer capable of delivering controlled impacts and allowing rapid but precise cutting and carving of metal or stone). Using the latest machinery and techniques our students will be able to aspire to the most advanced companies with the best preparation possible and the highest performances.

Only 6 places are available to guarantee excellent teaching. Provide about € 100 of personal equipment.


The course includes a series of preparatory exercises to become familiar with the microscope, Sphera GRS and “GraverMax”. After teaching the students how to prepare burins (grinding and sharpening), they will move into more specific stone setting techniques: Bead and Bright-Cut/Pinpoint, Gypsy/Flush setting, Prong or Claw setting, Bezel setting beaten in different shapes (round, oval or rectangular), Pave.

Prenotazione obbligatoria

A deposit of € 200 is required to reserve a space, not refundable in case of cancellation.

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