Chasing and repousse’ anticlastic forming

This course starts from the most ancient technique of forming a sheet of metal, the anticlastic, to arrive at the great Renaissance tradition of chasing and repousse’.
The anticlastic, a technique that makes it possible to create relatively large pieces of jewelry, is based on the deformation of a sheet of metal, shaped using special hammers and stakes made of nylon, wood or steel. It is a type of cold forging that makes it possible to create a great variety of shapes, sinuous and soft curves and add volume to a flat sheet of metal.

Chasing and repousse’; a natural evolution of anticlastic forming brings the student to the ultimate expression of forming metal by use of chasing hammers, and chasing and repousse’ tools. The result is a range of very refined, sophisticated pieces of jewelry of great lightness and surprising shapes.

At the end of the course program a certificate of attendance will be issued.


Theoretical knowledge of the properties, modeling methods and characteristics of the metal sheet. Cutting of the sheet blank and its initial forming on specific stakes. Stretching and compression of the metal. Hammering and planishing. Hot forging of chasing and repousse’ tools and how to hold and work with them. Creation of hollow artefact.
Finishing touch of relief using the chasing tools. Closing and finishing of the metal sheet.

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