“Gouache” Painting Technique

In the Fine and Very Fine Jewellery this technique is used to present a jewel project to the final customer, procedure chosen in preference to renderings made with specific software. A painting technique born in Italy in the 1500s and known as “guazzo”, it was then spread by the French in the 1700s with the name that is still used today to identify it: “gouache”. It uses a type of pigment that has the same nature as tempera, but is made slightly more consistent by the incorporation of chalk or white lead, along with a compound of gum Arabic. Having a good knowledge and mastery of this technique means belonging to an elite group of goldsmiths; very few, in fact, are those who practice it. Definitely a very valuable calling card of great value.

Provide about 50 € of personal equipment.


Introduction to the technique, description of the material needed, explanation of colour (how to get the right shades and colour rendering of metals and stones). “Gouache” of geometric shapes and colouring at will. Reproduction of small jewelry pieces and more complex shapes. Gouache of a set composed of a necklace, earrings and a ring.

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